ValkeIN IceFake 2.6g

The ValkeIN Hi Burst’s motion is in stark contrast to the IceFake’s. A tight roll with a passive movement was set up, taking into account varied usages and actions. When utilizing the IceFake, you can reel at a variety of speeds.


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ValkeIN IceFake 2.6g

ValkeIN IceFake 2.6g has a slim profile. The spoons roll movement contrasts the action of the Hi Burst. Taking into consideration different usages and various actions, a tight roll with a passive action was set up. When using the spoons a wide range of reeling speeds are possible. The same movement persists thew out the range of speeds.

IceFake is one of the secret spoons for the sport fishing world. Works both when fishing for trout in the current and in stagnant water. The main feature is IceFake’s catching ability on super-slow retrieves. The ValkeIN lure barely fluctuates. Movement is faintly noticeable even on ultra-light tackle, but that is when a passive trout attacks the bait. Available in many different colors and equipped with a single barbless hook.

ValkeIN IceFake tech. specifications:

Weight: 2.6g



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