Spoons – Japanese trout spoons in premium quality.

Trout fishing with small Japanese spoons. It couldn’t be easier!
Classic trout spoons are small rarely longer than 35 mm. Thus it is possible to imitate small beetles, water insects or bullhead fry. For this you have to adjust the spoons presentation. Besides the standard retrieve, you can drift the ultralight lure against or with the current. Also it is possible to skip some models along the bottom of the river, lake bed.
Depending on the shape of the lure their running behavior differs. A spoon with a round, oval shape will flutter slow and have a wider side to side action. The increased water resistance makes it a suitable lure when fishing in calm, still water. On the other hand a slender, elongated shape is more suitable for fast flowing areas. Of course not all spoons adhere to the same logic. Depending on the weight distribution, each spoon has a use case in different situations. That is why it is important to have a wide selection of shapes, sizes and weights.
Most suitable lures for trout fishing rarely weigh more than 3g. That is why an ultralight rod with a casting weight up to about 5g. is recommended. A reel sized 1000-2500 will be good. It’s a matter of taste whether you fish PE or nylon as your main line. Some anglers combine a very soft rod with PE, while others a slightly harder rod with a monofilament line. A maximum carrying capacity of 3 kg (approx. 6 lbs) is sufficient in most situations!

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ANTEM (Angler’z System) Bux

The color palette of the BUX series caters to the majority of predators’ inclinations. Season, weather, sunlight, and water transparency are all taken into account. The silver side of the (S) models is visible. The gold side of the (G) models is visible.


ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olien

Antem Olien spoon has the appearance of being both slim and hefty. Some rivers are shallow, deep, swiftly flowing, or calmly flowing. That’s when the Olien spoon enters the picture. The silver side of the (S) models is visible. The gold side of the (G) models is visible.


Forest Crystal 3g

In Japan, Forest Crystal spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. Without altering activities, you may easily maintain the swimming range by changing the retrieve speed and weight. Comes with a single thin wire barbless hook.


Forest Miu 2.2g

For years, the Forest Miu 2.2g spoon has been one of the most popular on the Japanese market. The colors are unusual and vibrant, and the craftsmanship is artisan-like. Another factor contributing to its appeal is its ease of usage.


Forest Miu 2.8g

Forest Miu has been one of the most popular spoons on the market in Japan for years. Crafted with artisan like quality also the colors are unique and vivid. Another reason for its popularity is the simplicity of its use.


Forest Miu 3.5g

Forest Miu 3.5g has been steadily gaining favor among Japanese trout anglers. This spoon has taken a lot of time and effort to create. As a result of the precision and attention to detail, this spoon is a high-quality lure. Furthermore, the wide range of colorings is one-of-a-kind and vibrant.


Forest Pal 1.6g

In Japan, Forest Pal 1.6g spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. By modifying retrieve speed and weight without changing motions, you may simply maintain the swimming range. Comes with a single fine wire barbless hook.


Forest Pal 2.5g

In Japan, Forest Pal 2.5g spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. By modifying retrieve speed and weight without changing motions, you may simply maintain the swimming range. Comes with a single fine wire barbless hook.


Forest Pal 3.8g

Forest Pal 3.8g spoons are quite popular trout bait in Japan. It makes steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions. You may easily keep the swimming range by changing retreive speed and weight without changing actions. Comes with fine wire barbless single hook.


God Hands Gigas LaVin 2.4g

God Hands Gigas LaVin is the LaVin’s older brother. It is 26mm in length and 5mm in width, respectively, than the Lavin. It features the same stable swimming action as the original, but a minor slip has been added to add to the enjoyment. The Japanese Spoon has a broad shape with a curved profile in the center.


God Hands Jriya 2.2g

God Hands Jriya is the most comprehensive trout spoon among God Hands’ offerings. It is feasible to cast a long distance thanks to the weight transferred towards the head of the bait. It’s 24mm long and comes in a variety of colors (3D, UV, special, inverted “bump” and classic). Slow retrieves or mild twitches perform well with this bait. A single barbless hook is included. Made by hand in Japan.


God Hands RAiGA 2.2g

The God Hands RAiGA spoon lure has a unique form. The beveled profile provides stability and decreases retrieve resistance. Furthermore, the extended, narrow design allows for long casting. Because the spoon’s center of gravity lies in the middle, active play is seen on both the drive and the fall.


Megabass Great Hunting Abalone 1.5g

Depending on your retrieving speed, the Great Hunting Abalone will take different behaviors. Casting distance is improved by distributing weight to the back.


Nories Masukurouto

Norio Tanabe, a professional angler, oversaw the creation of Nories Masukurouto. Expert trout fishermen put it to the test in trout fishing ponds. Its most distinguishing characteristic is the center flat design. This unique design distributes water friction across the whole lure surface during retrieval.


Nories Masukurouto Boon 2.5g

The Nories Masukurouto Boon is a traditional spoon designed for trout fishing in the bottom layers. This little spoon’s solid body and small size make it ideal for long casts.


Nories Masukurouto Rooney

MASUKUROUTO ROONEY is designed to capture as many fish as possible early in the morning when the fish are most active, as well as to increase your catch once you’ve found an active section of water.


Nories Masukurouto Sofia 1.6g

The Nories Sofia Japanese spoon is appreciated by many lure anglers. It is highly effective when fishing native waters, but also competitions angling.


Nories Masukurouto Weeper 1.5g

The “WEEPER” action of the Nories Masukurouto Weeper spoon is a unique movement of this shallow spoon. As implied by the name. Despite its small weight, it maintains its depth range and does not rise up on retrieval. Designed for rapid snappy casts and quick side-to-side retrieval motion.


Office Eucalyptus Kokoro 1.8g

You may vary the motion of the Kokoro series by changing the retrieve speed. Depending on whether the fish are aggressive or passive, choose the appropriate actions. The Kokoro spoon looks for active trout in the water’s middle layers.


Office Eucalyptus Strina Large 2.9g

With a raging motion, the Office Eucalyptus Strina Series attracts fish. It’s made for local trout fishing, but it’ll also draw fish from wild streams. The Strina Large was manufactured in addition to the basic sizes of 1.6g and 1.9g.


Office Eucalyptus Trigger 1.6g

The wobbly roll movement on the Office Eucalyptus Trigger series is excellent. This attracts fish with a moderate to low level of activity. Increasing the likelihood of a hook up by triggering the desire to bite the spoon.


SV Fishing Lures Air 2g

The concept of SV Fishing Lures Air is unique. When retrieving at the slowest speed, the most active play occurs. The small spoon is known for this. Because of its large body, the lure can stay within the predator’s line of sight for a long period when moving at snail’s pace.


SV Fishing Lures Flash Line

Flash Line is a extremely narrow which makes it perfect at imitating small fish. The narrow, elliptical shape is very aerodynamic which allows the angler to cast further and more accurately in almost any weather conditions, delivering the lure to those hard-to-get spots where the fish is waiting.


SV Fishing Lures Glisser 2.5g

The Glisser from SV Fishing Lures is a multi-purpose spoon. It can be retrieved from the water’s surface or sunk and shown from below. All of these presentations can be done at a slower pace! At regular presentation speed, you can manipulate the spoon at the subsurface water.


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