ValkeIN aims to create fishing tackle that you enjoy. Although specialized fishing methods are born often, anyone can enjoy their products. Moreover They value the fundamentals of fishing that anyone can challenge. Not only do they develop products, they manage fishing ponds, tournaments and events. That promote area fishing as a culture.

ValkeIN in collaboration with DUO international, created a new style of fishing – Area trout. Area fishing rapidly changes, fisherman have to adapt or fail. Lures created by the Japanese manufacturer have been tested time and time again have been proven to work even with basic methods. Furthermore the companies products can be enjoyed by anyone in the area fishing category. Also ValkeIN not only develops products, but also maintains fishing ponds, manages tournaments and events. The company constantly promotes area fishing with new ideas.

Area fishing has evolved at a very fast speed in recent decades. With the evolution of lures and rods, methods and approaches have also diversified. ValkeIN aims to have lures for every method. They provide tackle to make you able to communicate with trout.

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ValkeIN Hi Burst

ValkeIN The First Spoon’s Hi Burst was created with the concept of “high appeal” in mind. The Wobble-roll action brings out the best in each size’s weight and silhouette. The fish are enticed to bite by the exquisite equilibrium.


ValkeIN IceFake 2.6g

The ValkeIN Hi Burst’s motion is in stark contrast to the IceFake’s. A tight roll with a passive movement was set up, taking into account varied usages and actions. When utilizing the IceFake, you can reel at a variety of speeds.


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