God Hands Jriya 2.2g

God Hands Jriya is the most comprehensive trout spoon among God Hands’ offerings. It is feasible to cast a long distance thanks to the weight transferred towards the head of the bait. It’s 24mm long and comes in a variety of colors (3D, UV, special, inverted “bump” and classic). Slow retrieves or mild twitches perform well with this bait. A single barbless hook is included. Made by hand in Japan.


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God Hands Jriya 2.2g

God Hands Jriya 2.2g is the most complete trout spoon among those produced by God Hands. It is the ideal spoon for fishing lethargic trout. The spoon can work as a crank bait. Simple use it on the surface to create a aggressive and attractive action, thanks to the wide end. Thanks to the weight shifted towards the head of the bait, it is possible to cast a considerable distance. 24mm long it is available in a variety of colors (3D, UV, special, inverted “bump” and classic).

The lure works great with a slow retrieve or with light twitches. The Jriya spoon will attract most European predators like perch, asp, chub, pike and of course trout. Equipped with a single barbless hook. Handmade in Japan.

All God Hands spoons are handcrafted and tested in Japan at God Hands’ master forge! All spoons from God Hands are subjected to quality control by Maestro Naoki Ran. Furthermore they are hand painted. Thus each spoons is unique and one of a kind.

The company produces only small quantities of trout spoons. Therefore these popular spoons are sold out quite quickly. The next production run takes time.

God Hands Jriya tech. specifications

Weight: 2.2g

Length: 24mm





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