ANTEM (Angler'z System)

ANTEM has been a secret weapon of many athletes. Used in trout fishing tournaments by anglers who want to win. ANTEM lures feature excellent flight characteristics and the ability to run on ultra-low speed. Thanks to their particular game they are leading baits for catching passive fish at great distances. ANTEM lures are designed for trout, but the same features give excellent results when catching perch, chub and pike.

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ANTEM (Angler’z System) Bux

The BUX series color palette covers most preferences of predators. It also takes into consideration season, weather, sunlight and transparency of the water. (S) models have a silver side. (G) models have a gold side.


ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olien

Olien has a characteristic of being slender and thick. Trout fishing has many conditions. Some rivers can be shallow, deep, fast flowing or calm. That is when the Olien comes into play. It reaches areas that others spoons cannot. Monopolize rivers or ponds where others cannot cast too. The figure eight wobble imitates life attracts various fish. (S) models have a silver side. (G) models have a gold side.


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