Ima is serious about play. They face things with a playful spirit. It is the same in life, and it is the same in our manufacturing. It is not an easy road to accomplish something. It is only possible with the fuel of play. So how do they obtain quality fuel? There is only one answer. You have to be serious about playing.
IMA are free to do as they please. By being free, they expand their possibilities. They are not bound by common sense. Freedom comes with rules and responsibilities. Nevertheless, they cherish this philosophy. They know that in play and creation, being insane sometimes leads to innovation. When they have to come up with new ideas or take on new problems, the knowledge and experience will be an asset.
They pursue Commitment without compromise. What IMA makes are tools for fun. Because IMA are serious about playing, they do not compromise on the tools.
Nature is value. Think about the environment and people is important. They strive to protect nature and the richness of life.
Everyone who fishes can touch nature. IMA enjoys the bounty of nature to the fullest.

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Ima Issen 45S

IMA Issen 45S

The Issen 45S has a good flutter, which appeals to trout instincts. The Ima minnow responds to rod motion nicely and doesn’t dive out of turbulent waters. The likelihood of a trout unhooking is decreased by the ISSEN 45S hook setup. It works well as a lure for luring larger trout.


IMA Sukari 37S Deep

The IMA Sukari 37S Deep is a formidable deep minnow that will elevate your fishing game to unprecedented levels. This cleverly created bait was created with great care and creativity.


IMA Sukari 50SS

The IMA Sukari is substantial but delicate. The Sukari is best described in this manner! Sukari 50SS is powerful enough to move either across or against current. It boasts unmatched casting performance at 5 grams! Additionally, the heavy weight multiplies the dance’s sharpness.


IMA Sukari 50SS Deep

Ima Sukari 50SS Deep is a powerhouse in the world of fishing lures. Designed for those seeking adventure in the depths, this lure boasts remarkable features that will leave you hooked.


IMA Sukari 63HS

IMA Sukari 63HS is a premium surface attack stream minnow. This minnow, which was cleverly and precisely built, has a distinct weight balance in a simple design.


IMA Twig 60

For huge mainline trout, the IMA Twig 60 slim minnow bait is ideal. Its narrow profile keeps it from being missed, and the way it falls is horizontal, which attracts big trout by nature.


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