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Tackle boxes – for every bait the right box!
Most of the time – when it comes to hard baits we find it much easier to tidy up. But without tackle boxes a large amount of baits and terminal tackle would be impossible to handle. Through them we get order in our cabinets or fishing bags. On the water we need to quickly have the right bait or terminal tackle at hand. Depending on the target fish and bait type, we can achieve this threw boxes or lure cases. Further more protective functions of plastic boxes/cases preserve, save your lures from bangs, knocks and the outside environment.

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Forest Lure Case Medium

1 in stock

The Forest Lure Case Medium is ideal for organizing your lures.


Forest Lure Case Small

1 in stock

The Forest Lure Case Small is ideal for organizing your lures. S is a rectangle size with dimensions of 95 / 125 / 40mm. Depending on the size of your lures, the four compartments can hold up to 30-40 spoons.


Meiho Reversible 85

5 in stock

The Meiho Reversible 85 plastic box was designed just for your fishing lures. 6 plastic ridges make excellent places for your hard baits. The fact that this Meiho case is reversible sets it different from the rest. The clear plastic container has two sides, two lids, and two sets of lure holders on each side.


Meiho Versus VS-3010ND

2 in stock

The Meiho Versus VS-3010ND is a fantastic, high-quality compartment case that should be in every lure box. 12 removable plastic partitions and 2 permanent row dividers are included in the Meiho Versus plastic fishing tackle case.


Meiho Versus VS-388SD

3 in stock

Folding Compartment Case by Meiho. With the VS-388SD Folding Compartment Case, it’s time to get out on the water. This compact folding compartment case has 16 storage spaces for small fishing hooks, weights, and tackle.


Yarie Slim Wallet

Yarie Slim Wallet is perfect to keep your lures organized.


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