God Hands RAiGA 2.2g

The God Hands RAiGA spoon lure has a unique form. The beveled profile provides stability and decreases retrieve resistance. Furthermore, the extended, narrow design allows for long casting. Because the spoon’s center of gravity lies in the middle, active play is seen on both the drive and the fall.


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God Hands RAiGA

God Hands RAiGA is spoon lure with a complex shape. Its intricate shape goes beyond imagination. The beveled profile, reduces retrieve resistance and adds stability. This provokes almost any, especially passive, fish to bite. Moreover the narrow, elongated shape allows for long casting.

The the center of gravity is at the middle of the spoon thus active play is visible both on the drive and on the fall. Its uncontrolled fall into the depths, perfectly imitates a sick prey fish. This attracts predators to attack. Furthermore the Raiga has high frequency play at slow retrieve speeds.

Ideal for catching the most passive fish. Available in a wide range of colors. It catches all predatory fish. The lure is equipped with a single beardless hook and has 13 variants of the most diverse and effective colors.

Made in Japan. All spoons from God Hands are constantly subjected to quality control by Maestro Naoki Ran in their production process and are painted by hand. In the conclusion each trout spoon from God Hands is unique, which exists only once in the world. The products of God Hands belong to the class of master craftsmanship. And are recognized worldwide.

God Hands RAiGA tech. specifications

Weight: 2.2g

Length: 27mm





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