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ANTEM (Angler’z System) Bux

The color palette of the BUX series caters to the majority of predators’ inclinations. Season, weather, sunlight, and water transparency are all taken into account. The silver side of the (S) models is visible. The gold side of the (G) models is visible.


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ANTEM (Angler’z System) Bux

Antem BUX has a sharp movement even at slow retrieve speeds or when in free fall. Also it has a subtle S bend that give one of a kind play. Further more the sleek body travels threw water with ease making it a very easy lure to use. Antem has put a lot into the development of the BUX series to achieve a spoon that produces bites in most situations.

Furthermore the main target of this Antem spoon is most predators like trout, perch, pike, chub and others.

A great variety of colors combined with irresistible oscillating action make this a universal lure. BUX series color palette covers most preferences of predators. It also takes into consideration season, weather, sunlight and transparency of the water. Due to the non orthodox shape it shines in winter months when bites a scarce. (S) models have a silver side. (G) models have a gold side.

ANTEM (Angler’z System) Bux Tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g, 3.8g


2.5g, 3.8g

Spoons arrived sooner than expected which is a pleasant surprise. Cannot wait to test them !

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