Yarie Ringo

Yarie Ringo

Yarie Ringo is a Japanese spoon appreciated by lure anglers around the world. Highly successfull when targeting trout and chub.

Nories Masukurouto Rooney

Nories Masukurouto Rooney

MASUKUROUTO ROONEY is designed to catch as many fish as possible when fish are active in the morning and also increase your catch when you have hit on an active section of fish. When fish are active a fast straight retrieve will put you on the fish.

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50F

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50F

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50F is an imperative lure to have a floating model in your lure box. Tackle complex currents in big and small streams. Furthermore target trout near big boulders, counter currents and in the main flow. Despite the outward resemblance to the Ryuki 50S, the Ryuki 50F models are more “plump” lures. They have a more mobile play.Β  The Ryuki 50F is a responsive floating model loaded with a fixed weight.

SV Fishing Lures Panic

SV Fishing Lures Panic

Panic is the most versatile and multifunctional fishing lure that SV Fishing have designed to date: it’s geometry allows it to be used at any speed or any current, any stream or any lake. It is the easiest to cast accurately and over large distances.

forest miu

Forest Miu

Forest Miu spoons are quite popular trout bait in Japan. It makes steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions. You may easily keep the swimming range by changing retreive speed and weight without changing actions. Comes with fine wire barbless single hook.

bassday sugar minnow 50s (3)

Bassday Sugar Minnow 50S

The Sugar Minnow is a classic trout fishing lure that has earned a place in the lure box. The 40/50mm sized lures emulate the silhouette of a bait fish. Furthermore is the angler start twitching the minnow will start moving like a dying fish.

Pontoon21 CrackJack 48SP DR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR is part ofΒ  the Crack Jack series. It has the widest selection of minnows.Β  Each size includes three modifications according to operating depth. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR). Also they can be floating or suspending. This helps the angler to successfully catch predatory fish in various conditions – rivers, lakes and ponds. Among the possible catches are perch, pike, pike perch, chub, ide, asp, rudd, trout, grayling.

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 36SP MR

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 36SP MR

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 36SP MR has a unique balancing system. It inherits the iconic shape of the Cheerful line of lures. Best described as a silent killer with a geometry of a shad. The size is both suitable for ultralight and light tackle. Furthermore this size will attract almost all predators. Pike, perch, trout, big rudd are all capable of hooking up when fishing with this lure. Even at the slowest retrieves the lure stays stable, balanced with elegant play.

Supremo Baila 50HMD 02

Supremo Baila 50HMD

Supremo Baila 50HMD a high quality minnow. It is a lure that can perform in any situation including fast flowing mountain rivers. It has a innovating Double lip system. The purpose of it is to create fast vibrations, taunting timid trout to attack the minnow. Also no matter how fast the current the swimming line never changes and is very stable. Anglers can achieve agile reactions and movements with little rod work.

SV Fishing lures Glisser 2,5g

SV Fishing Lures Glisser

SV Fishing Lures Glisser is an all purpose spoon. Possible to retrieve on the waters surface or it can be sank down and presented underneath. All these presentations are possible at slower speeds! You can control the spoon at the subsurface water at normal presentation speed.

ValkeIN IceFake

ValkeIN IceFake

The ValkeIN IceFake roll action contrasts the action of the Hi Burst. Taking into consideration different usages and various roll actions, a tight roll with a passive action was set up. When using the ValkeIN IceFake a wide range of reeling speeds are possible. The same action persists thew out the range of speeds.

Zipbatis Hickory

Zipbaits Hickory MDR

Zipbaits Hickory works in a wide variety of conditions. Running or still water its wobble will be irresistible to trout, chub, ide and perch.

Bassday Sugar Minnow


Among trout fishing lures the Bassday Sugar Minnow is a classic. Sizes 40/50mm imitate a silhouette of a swimming bait fish. When twitching the minnows seems like a dying fish.

Jackson Komachi


A micro lip which has minimal resistance to water. The Jackson Komachi 45F has a high stability. Achieved with a tightly fixed weight. When twitching quick responses entice the fish to bite.

Zipbaits Khamsin


It is a great trout and perch lure and has a great action to entice those timid trout into striking. Features ZipBaits own patented Mag-Drive system and Internal Tungsten weight and Magnet system for great casting and action on the retrieve.



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