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God Hands Gigas LaVin 2.4g

God Hands Gigas LaVin is the LaVin’s older brother. It is 26mm in length and 5mm in width, respectively, than the Lavin. It features the same stable swimming action as the original, but a minor slip has been added to add to the enjoyment. The Japanese Spoon has a broad shape with a curved profile in the center.


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God Hands Gigas LaVin

God Hands Gigas LaVin is the bigger brother of the LaVin. The idea for the spoon started out on a cold February day, when a normal retrieve does not attract fish. The God Hands anglers wanted to create a lure that retrieves at a very slow pace, but still not hit the bottom. Thus the Gigas LaVin was created. And with it a perfect trout lure for colder conditions.

It is 26mm and 5mm larger than the Lavin. It has inherited the stable swimming action, but also a slight slide is added to enhance the appeal. The Japanese God Hannds Spoon has a wide shape and a profile that is curved in the middle. This makes the lure rotate aggressively around its own axis. Creating a dynamic action that the fish find interesting. At certain water layers the spoon can be retrieved at slower speeds compared to spoons with the same weight.

Of course when fishing for trout color is also important. The Gigas Lavin has a wide selection of color options each tuned to have the most success when fishing for trout in different conditions. Certain patterns even have UV elements to have an advantage in dark, murky waters.

God Hands Gigas LaVin Tech. specifications

Weight: 2.4g

Length: 26mm





Ordered 5 spoons, arrived quick, cannot wait to try them out !

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