DUO Tetra Works Yurameki

Yurameki by DUO Tetra Works is a heavyweight sinking pencil with incredible casting skills. It’s a superb search bait thanks to its 48mm, 6.3g body. Anglers can throw against the wind or over long distances while scanning a large area.


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DUO Tetra Works Yurameki 6.3g

DUO Tetra Works Yurameki 6.3g is a heavyweight sinking pencil with amazing casting capabilities. DUO has a wide range of lures in the ultralight range. One of the best examples is the Tetra Works Yurameki. The 48mm, 6.3g body makes it a great search bait. Anglers can cast into a strong wind, or over long distances while searching an extensive area.

The DUO Yurameki heavy weight gives it great carrying distance. If you plan to use it in smaller river or creeks make sure to cast

with care. Other wise your lure might end up in the trees. Also it reduces the ‘floating up’ tendency which is a con of many sinking pencils.

This DUO lure will allow the angler to search at various depths. With slow retrieval, it swims with a tail wobbling action. Thus Captivating various freshwater predators. You can add play to the lure with rod movements. Twitching is especially effective, imitating an injured school fish.

Tetra Works Yurameki tech. specifications

Weight: 6.3g

Length: 48mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Working depth: 0.2 – 0.6m

Hook: #12





Working depth

0.2 – 0.6m

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