Each product is a combination of handmade craftmanship and innovation. In addition Megabass strives for high quality and attention to detail. Which anglers can find only in handmade lures. In a modern age dominated by CAD and mass production, Megabass lures are based on hand carved Yuki Ito originals. Also the lure manufacturer closely monitors each stage of the development process. Consequently high quality control ensures that the process of production keeps the originals attributes. Little has changed since Megabass’ birth in a garage in 1986 at the hands and ideals of Yuki Ito. Today it continues the tradition of innovation, quality and custom handcraft. Never losing sight of angler’s to whom each product is painstakingly made.

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Megabass Baby Griffon

Megabass Baby Griffon is the latest addition to the Griffon family. The original Griffon crankbait’s golden ratio structure is carried through. This is a little Griffon for delicate application, as the name implies. Its head swings are both wild and ferocious, using its tail as a pivot point.


Megabass Baby Griffon Zero

Baby Griffon Zero by Megabass is a top-water bug bait based on our renowned Griffon Series. I.T.O. has tuned it. It has a larger body than Griffon and a built-in Shaft Balancer. It also has a water intake on the bottom. ZERO will dog-walk at high speed when retrieved with your rod tip high, similar to the Megabass X-80 PROP-DARTER.


Megabass Great Hunting Abalone 1.5g

Depending on your retrieving speed, the Great Hunting Abalone will take different behaviors. Casting distance is improved by distributing weight to the back.


Megabass Great Hunting GH46 Humpback

Megabass Great Hunting GH46 series is substantially taller than that of traditional tiny minnows. The primary section is shaped to be as slim as possible. As a result, the visual effect of a high-speed roll action on retrieve is achieved. The flickering and form changes induced by twitching are also amplified to the maximum extent possible.


Megabass Great Hunting GH51 Humpback

Megabass Great Hunting GH51 Humpback series has a much taller body than conventional small minnows. The body is shaped to be thoroughly thin. Thus achieving the visual effect of the high-speed roll action on retrieve. Also the flickering and shape changes caused by twitching is enhanced to the utmost limit.


Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback

The Megabass Great Hunting GH64 Humpback series features a body that is significantly taller than typical minnows. The body is molded to be extremely lean. This results in the high-speed roll action on retrieve being visually portrayed.


Megabass Great Hunting Minnow World Spec 48F

Megabass Great Hunting Minnow World Spec 48F has most characteristic of the world acclaimed Megabass Smolt. The lure looks like a well fed bait minnow. It thickens in the area where fish have a posterior inferior fin. A medium lip, that is at an 30 degree angle, provide a steady, constant wobble.


Megabass Great Hunting Minnow World Spec 48S

Megabass Great Hunting Minnow World Spec inherited the DNA from the world acclaimed Megabass Smolt. Specializes in capturing native trout in the stream of a river.

Megabass Griffon SR-X

The Megabass Griffon SR-X is a premium crankbait made to increase anglers’ success rates. This lure is excellent for pursuing a number of freshwater species, such as bass, trout, and walleye, thanks to its creative design and premium construction.


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