Nories fishing lures created by Norio Tanabe, focus on fishing not trends. Hours spent on the banks testing new lures in a workshop like environment has produced a supreme line up of trout baits. Furthermore Nories focus on bringing the real and original joy of fishing.

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Nories Masukurouto

Nories Masukurouto has been designed under the supervision of pro angler Norio Tanabe. Tested by expert trout fishermen at trout fishing ponds. Its main feature is the unique centre flat design. This special design spreads the water friction during retrieve over the entire lure surface.


Nories Masukurouto Boon 2.5g

Nories Masukurouto Boon is a classic spoon made for a basic style of trout fishing in the bottom water layers. The thick body and small shape makes this little spoon perfect for long casts. To get the most out of the Boon “Stop and Go”, “Bottom Bumping” and “Shaking” are effective techniques.


Nories Masukurouto Rooney

MASUKUROUTO ROONEY is designed to catch as many fish as possible when fish are active in the morning and also increase your catch when you have hit on an active section of fish. When fish are active a fast straight retrieve will put you on the fish.


Nories Masukurouto Sofia

Japanese spoons, appreciated by lure anglers.


Nories Masukurouto Weeper 1.5g

Nories Masukurouto Weeper the unique action of this shallow spoon is called the “WEEPER” action. As indicated in the name. Although it is light, it firmly keeps its depth range and avoids rising up on retrieve. Designed for quick snappy casts and immediate action on retrieve. It is a all round model for any situation.


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