ValkeIN Hi Burst

ValkeIN The First Spoon’s Hi Burst was created with the concept of “high appeal” in mind. The Wobble-roll action brings out the best in each size’s weight and silhouette. The fish are enticed to bite by the exquisite equilibrium.


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ValkeIN Hi Burst

ValkeIN Hi Burst was the First Spoon developed based on the concept of “high appeal”. The Wobble-roll action makes the best out of the weight and silhouette at each size. Exquisite balance triggers the trout to bite. The ValkeIN trout spoon features a curved, trapezoidal design that provides a stable action. Moreover an excellent wobble and roll action at slow and fast retrieve speeds.The Hi Burst spoon is visible from a long distance. This is typical even for the smallest model sizes.

Excellent balance allows you to throw the ValkeIN spoon far and accurately. And in combination with a well-thought-out shape, it makes it possible to apply the a majority of animation techniques. Twitching, uniform reeling, fast retrieving or with short pauses. All this make the Hi Burst an ultimate trout lure.

Available in 36 different colors. The lure is equipped with a single barbless hook. Although created for trout the lure has great results when fishing for other lake, river predators. Like perch, pike, chub.

ValkeIN Hi Burst tech. specifications:

Weight: 2.4g, 3.6g

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