SV Fishing Lures Metal Twitch 2.7G

Anglers that prefer twitching to any other type of lure animation will love SV Lures Metal Twitch 2.7G. It’s very responsive and simple to operate, making it ideal for any animation approach. The angler can cast further and more accurately thanks to its shape and center of gravity.


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SV Fishing Lures Metal Twitch 2.7G

The Metal Twitch is for anglers who prefer twitching to any other kind of play. It’s responsive and easy to manipulate, this makes it suitable for any animation technique, not just twitching. It’s geometry and shifted center of gravity allows the angler to cast further and more accurately.

The Metal Twitch works at any speed or current. Which makes it a potent tool for you to use. Don’t let the name fool you, this SV Fishing lures spoon shows to be effective even without the use of any twitching or twitching-like techniques.

Sweeping, active action with an even retrieve is coupled with casting characteristics. Spoon’s game is not interrupted when going up a rushing stream. It starts working at a very slow presentation, making the Metal Twitch an all-purpose spoon in terms of application conditions.

When jigging a wide side to side wobbling action attracts the fish. The “flair” of SV Fishing Metal Twitch 2.7G is a possibility to combine different presentation types. Thus allowing to create unmatched options. The spoon demonstrates excellent results when angling for asp, chub, pike perch, pike, perch and trout.


SV Fishing Lures Metal Twitch 2.7G tech. specifications:

Weight: 2.7g

Length: 30mm

Hook: 2.7g – Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6





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