The name of the hook almost always indicates whether it is a barbed or barbless. Anglers use single hooks not only on various rigs, but also on hard baits. The trend to switch to single hooks is not necessarily based on voluntariness. Especially in sustainably managed salmonid waters, where treble hooks are band.
Observations made by anglers determined that salmonids are hooked much safer. The change makes sense not only from conservation point of view, but also because of the better hook rate. Another important plus point of single hook is their are often very thin-stranded. This ensures that they easily penetrate the fish’s mouth.
When choosing the right size, keep in mind that the arc of the single hook should be as big as the treble hook. This way you will also achieve a similar weight, which is especially important for suspending hard baits!

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varivas canvas hook 6.5

Varivas Canvas Hook

Varivas Barbless Canvas Hook. Perfect for the catch and release method of fishing.


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