SV Fishing Lures Koketka 2g

The Koketka is built on a classic spoon design, making it the most versatile pike lure available. Even at the slowest reel-in speeds, casting and animating is simple.


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SV Fishing Lures Koketka 2g

SV Fishing Lures Koketka is based on a classic spoon design. Thus making it the most versatile pike lure available on the market. It is easy to cast and animate at even the lowest reel-in speeds. Apart from pike this SV spoon is effective for species such as perch, asp, chub, trout and ide.

The 1,2g Koketka allows you to target non-predatory species such as roach, sabrefish, bream and white bream. It is also a highly effective trout spoon: the unique wiggling and a wide range of colors will allow you to provoke even the laziest trout for an attack.F

Koketka spoons have became a bestseller for angling in any conditions. Its rhythmical sweeping game retains stability both in fast and very slow presentations. Furthermore this the SV Fishing Lures spoon can work in different depths in still water and in streams.
SV Fishing Lure’s single hook is a tremendous advantage when angling for a pike in plant-filled still water. It passes through thin water lilies, causing no problems when hooking and holding a trout. The spoon starts working at the slowest speed and can work at various depths. In each case it remains attractive for trout.

SV Fishing Lures Koketka 2g tech. specifications:

Weight: 2g

Length: 25mm

Hook: Single Vanfook SP-41MB #8





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