Nories Masukurouto Weeper 1.5g

The “WEEPER” action of the Nories Masukurouto Weeper spoon is a unique movement of this shallow spoon. As implied by the name. Despite its small weight, it maintains its depth range and does not rise up on retrieval. Designed for rapid snappy casts and quick side-to-side retrieval motion.


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Nories Masukurouto Weeper 1.5g

Nories Masukurouto Weeper 1.5g the unique movement of this shallow spoon is called the “WEEPER” action. As indicated in the name. Although it is light, it firmly keeps its depth range and avoids rising up on retrieve.

Designed for quick snappy casts and immediate action on the turn of the reel. So anglers who have mastered on handed cast will really enjoy this lure. Allowing them to quickly check potential spots for trout.

It is a all round model for any situation. Cold or warm waters, deep or shallow, fast or slow flowing does not matter. The Weeper spoon side to side dance is especially suitable for inactive trout. Moreover it entices the trout on dead slow retrieves.
Great weapon to have for any angler looking to conquer tough tournament conditions. As all Nories spoons the Weeper had large amount of tests by the companies pro staff. Furthermore the color gamut is vast to have an option for most conditions and for any trout moods.


Nories Masukurouto Weeper tech. specifications

Weight: 1.5g



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