A spinner bait is a lure made from one or more metal blades. They spin like a propeller when the lure is in motion. Thus creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimic small fish or other prey. Spinner lures catch predatory fish such as perch, pike and trout.

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DUO Spearhead Ryuki Spinner 3.5g

Such a design truly stands out while casting the spinner upstream. Furthermore across or downstream, while retrieving, throw it at any angle. The SPEARHEAD RYUKI SPINNER will rotate steadily. Even with extremely slow retrieves, the petal turns quite nicely. The lure is moving against the tide as it turns steadily.


Forest Rondo Spinner

Forest Rondo Spinner works in strong currents, making them ideal for larger stream trout. The spinners, like other Forest lures, are of exceptional quality.


Pontoon21 AV Type B

In comparison to AV Type A, the AV Type B blade has a distinct shape. It’s also a little longer. As a result, its angle is near to 45 degrees, and this spoon can be classified as universal, as it works well in both flowing and calm water.


Smith AR-S 2.1g

Elevate your trout fishing experience with the cutting-edge Smith AR-S spinner. Crafted by Hiroyuki Motoyama, this rotating spoon is engineered for small rivers.


Smith AR-S 3.5g

Unleash the power of precision with the Smith AR-S 3.5g spinner, meticulously designed for trout fishing aficionados. Hiroyuki Motoyama’s rotating spoon takes trout angling to new heights, boasting instant rotation upon water contact.


Smith AR-S 4.5g

Dive into the world of casting excellence with the Smith AR-S 4.5g spinner, meticulously crafted to enhance your trout fishing endeavors. Hiroyuki Motoyama’s rotating spoon guarantees instantaneous rotation upon water contact, powered by the subtly sharpened pallet edge that ensures a swift spin.


Smith Niakis 3g

Smith Niakis 3g, a revolutionary spinner that dominates world championships in trout fishing. Crafted with precision, its mechanisms boast impeccable quality, ensuring top-tier performance.


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