TsuYoki is a small tackle company making fishing lures for an affordable price. Just a few years ago, the companies lures conquered the market of spinning lures, entering it quickly and rapidly and taking the lead over other manufacturers. TsuYoki lures are represented by a wide range of models, you can always choose something to your liking. A wide selection of shapes and colors which produce consistent results in the field. Of course choosing the right size, thinking about the target fish, navigating the color spectrum, and thinking about the degree of buoyancy is important. But to experienced anglers this is second nature. With Tsuyoki lures deceive predators into thinking there is a real aquatic inhabitant on the end of your line. The assortment will provide an unforgettable fishing experience.

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TsuYoki Fugaz 36F 611

TsuYoki Fugaz 36F

TsuYoki Fugaz 36F a small crank for catching perch, chub, yaz, and other predatory fish. Suitable for standing water bodies, rivers with medium and fast currents. Furthermore applicable when catching a cautious trout. The head part of the lure imitates the gill cover. In addition the glued-in 3D eyes complete the design of the entire bait.

TsuYoki Swing XC 36F 622

TsuYoki Swing XC 36F

A little crank bait for catching perch, chub, yaz, and other predators in still water bodies and rivers with medium to fast currents. SWING XC 36F has a scale-like surface texture created by diamond-shaped notches.


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