Yarie Dexter

Yarie Dexter spoons can be used in a variety of ways. Yarie has a lot of experience and development, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. The brand is known for its high-quality materials, innovative shapes, and excellent paintwork. Dexter spoons are effective in all layers of water.


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Yarie Dexter

Yarie Dexter spoons are versatile. Nothing out of the ordinary considering Yarie has many years of experience and development. Quality materials, unique shapes, exceptional paintwork are all hallmarks of the brand. Dexter spoons work in every layer of water. Made to sink at an intermediate pace, which opens itself to various possible animations. Even at the deepest areas the spoon will react to the rods angle, speed of recovery.

Strong wide swings attract trout and most active fish from far away . At the slowest speeds, the spoon turns into a more vertical position. Obtaining a rolling action thus attracting more passive trout. Moreover the casting distance is impressive thanks to the tear drop shape and a slightly heavier weight. It comes with a single barbless hook to preserve the trout health.

The catchability of the bait has been proven in many tournaments. Thus the company YARIE has secured a firm place in the AREA TROUT scene in Japan. Through many years of experience. Development, the use of special high-quality materials, ingenious shapes and exceptional paint finishes. True masterpieces are created in the forges of such venerable Japanese companies as Yarie, Forest, God Hands.

Yarie Dexter Tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g/3.0g

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