Meiho for the last 50 years has been producing some of the best storage systems available in the industry. Sought after for their reliability and quality.

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Meiho Reversible 85

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Meiho Reversible 85 plastic case was made with your fishing lures in mind. This case features 6 plastic ridges that create perfect slots for your fishing lures. What sets this case apart from the rest is that is is reversible. That’s right, two sides, two lids, and two sets of lure holders on either side of the clear plastic container. It’s awesome, we know.


Meiho Versus VS-3010ND

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Meiho Versus VS-3010ND is an awesome, high quality compartment case that is a must have addition to any tackle box. The plastic fishing tackle case comes with 12 removable plastic dividers and 2 fixed row dividers. The dividers can be placed in different slots inside the case to create varying compartment sizes for any sized fishing tackle.


Meiho Versus VS-388SD

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Meiho Versus VS-388SD Folding Compartment Case. Time to hit the water with the Meiho Versus VS-388SD Folding Compartment Case. This pocket sized folding compartment case comes with 16 storage compartments for your small fishing hooks, weights and tackle.


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