Forest Miu 2.2g

For years, the Forest Miu 2.2g spoon has been one of the most popular on the Japanese market. The colors are unusual and vibrant, and the craftsmanship is artisan-like. Another factor contributing to its appeal is its ease of usage.


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Forest Miu 2.2g

Forest Miu has been one of the most popular spoons on the market in Japan for years. Crafted with artisan like quality also the colors are unique and vivid. Another reason for its popularity is the simplicity of its use. Cast this out, let it sink to your desired depth, and begin your retrieve. It is that simple. Speed up to bring the lure higher in the water column, slow down to get it deeper.

You can add a little extra action to the spoon by working a few quick pauses into your retrieve. Keep it subtle and simple that is the key with these lures. Furthermore a simple retrieve is enough to give the Forest Miu spoon has a seductive, even wobble. It will keep its attractive running behavior if the retrieve is a little faster. Thus, larger water areas are searched quick and with high efficiency.

Making it popular among sports anglers in area trout competitions. The Forest spoon has achieved tremendous results in area fishing. The high potential of MIU is sure to pay in native streams as well! It is equipped with a needle-sharp single hook.


Forest Miu tech. specifications

Weight: 2.2g

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