Office Eucalyptus Trigger 1.6g

The wobbly roll movement on the Office Eucalyptus Trigger series is excellent. This attracts fish with a moderate to low level of activity. Increasing the likelihood of a hook up by triggering the desire to bite the spoon.


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Office Eucalyptus Trigger

Office Eucalyptus Trigger is for use in competitions, but due to its popularity it was massively produced for amateur anglers. In tournaments situation it is good when the fish activity goes down. The shape is for stable play even at the slow speeds of retrieve. Thus making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned competitive anglers.

As a tactic anglers can start retrieving as soon as the bait touches the water, without waiting for it to fall to the bottom. Furthermore no time is needed for the spoons to stabilize it works straight away. The Office Eucalyptus spoon produces an exquisite wobbling roll action. This attract medium to low activity fish. Triggering there will to bite the lure, increasing the success of a hook up.

The original weight are 1.3g and 1.6g, but lighter version for very slow retrieves are available. They come in 0.7g and 1.0g. It can be successfully used for catching other predators like perch, chub, and asp. Finally it has a wide selection of colors for most conditions anglers encounter and even ones they have not.

Office Eucalyptus Trigger tech. specifications

Weight: 1.6g



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