Forest Miu 3.5g

Forest Miu 3.5g has been steadily gaining favor among Japanese trout anglers. This spoon has taken a lot of time and effort to create. As a result of the precision and attention to detail, this spoon is a high-quality lure. Furthermore, the wide range of colorings is one-of-a-kind and vibrant.


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Forest Miu 3.5g

Forest Miu 3.5g popularity has been steadily rising amongst the Japanese lure anglers. Time and patience has gone in crafting this lure. Thus precision and attention to detail make this spoon high quality. Moreover the vast array of colors are one of a kind and vivid. Another marker for the models popularity is the ease of its use.

Cast it out far. Wait for the MIU to sink to the depth your desire and begin to retrieve. Simple is it not. Speed up to get the lure to less deep waters, slow down to get it to fall even deeper. Experiment with more actions. A few quick pauses, start and stop or twitching will add an extra layer the movement. But many like it keeping it subtle, simple.

The Forest spoon will produce results even with a simple retrieve. The wobble is impossible to miss by any trout. It will continue its seductive running actions if you speed this up. Thus, bigger water areas have a quick turnover and a high efficiency rate. Making it popular among competition anglers.

The Forest spoon has achieved tremendous results in area fishing. The high potential of MIU is sure to pay in native streams as well! It is equipped with a needle-sharp single hook.

Forest Miu 3.5g tech. specifications

Weight: 3.5g

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