SV Fishing Lures Air 2g

The concept of SV Fishing Lures Air is unique. When retrieving at the slowest speed, the most active play occurs. The small spoon is known for this. Because of its large body, the lure can stay within the predator’s line of sight for a long period when moving at snail’s pace.


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SV Fishing Lures Air 2g

SV Fishing Lures Air 2g has a unique concept. The most active play is when retrieving at the slowest speed. This is the hallmark of the little SV Lures spoon. Moving at a snails space thanks to the wide body the lure can stay within the predators line of sight for a long time. Also due to its size anglers can maneuver the lure around water plants, snags, tree stumps and other areas where fish like to hide. The design proportions create an impressive stability of play. Moreover when the retrieve is accelerated the Air will stay in control and will not spin out.

The play of this lure is active, sweeping but not marked by an excessive large amplitude. Further more the SV Fishing Lures spoon produces an unexpected glide, which may serve as a signal for a predator to attack. It also keeps to the current and cannot be spit out to the surface. When pauses are added to the retrieve the spoons slowly sinks with an active play.

The 1gr. versions is 18mm and for fans of extreme ultralight fishing can lure in even white fish like rudd, bream. Under water it looks like a tiny bug, but no bleak and will attract the attention of fish.

All in all the SV Air spoon is an excellent lure for shallow fishing. If you are planning to fish trout, chub, perch and rudd be sure to get the Air spoon.

SV Fishing Lures Air tech. specifications:

Weight: 2g

Length: 23 mm

Hook: Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6





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