Megabass Great Hunting Abalone 1.5g

Depending on your retrieving speed, the Great Hunting Abalone will take different behaviors. Casting distance is improved by distributing weight to the back.


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Megabass Great Hunting Abalone 1.5g

Megabass Great Hunting Abalone 1.5g gives you different actions depending on your retrieving speed. Its distribution of weight set at its rear end allows you to cast longer distance. Also when you want to attack deeper trout, turn 180 degrees, which results in the reverse weight distribution. When the retrieve is stopped, it starts to fall swinging back and forth, waking up those trout that are used to seeing side-to-side motion.

Megabass Abalone spoon gives anglers an edge when trying to catch cautious fish. Also it is a popular lure in the area trout fishing scene. When you stop retrieving, the spoon starts sinking and swinging back and forth, waking up those trouts that are used to see side-to-side motions. Fish will be attracted by this and they will bite.

Furthermore skipping the Megabass Abalone on the bottom produces small dust clouds. This attracts the predators that are on the bottom levels of the water. Since the hooks are barbless snags are not a problem, but when holding the fish it is enough to get it to the landing net.


Megabass Great Hunting Abalone tech. specifications

Weigth: 1.5g

Length: 22mm





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