SV Fishing Lures Panic 3.7g

Panic is SV Fishing’s most adaptable and multifunctional fishing spoon to date, with geometry that allows it to be utilized in any speed or current, in every stream or lake. It’s the most straightforward to cast correctly and across long distances.


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SV Fishing Lures Panic 3.7g

SV Fishing Lures Panic is the most versatile and multifunctional fishing lure that SV Fishing have designed to date. Stream or lake. It is the easiest to cast accurately and over large distances. It’s distinctive movements imitate the nervous behaviour of prey when meeting predatory fish.

This is the best stimulus for the fish. Moreover this lure will work at any speed, from extremely slow to extremely fast. It has a long elongated body and at 3.7g. this lure has a far and stable cast.

The spoons action imitates movements of a minnow, running away from a predator. Hence the name – Panic ! Panic is a versatile lure, which is suitable both for still water basins and rapid rivers. It has wide, active game, starts wobbling at a very slow presentation.

The spoon can withstand upstream flow remaining attractive for a potential trophy fish. Panic is good enough for pike, pike perch, chub, asp. Besides, it is an excellent lure for trout. A wide size range allows you to select an optimal option for any fish. Works in deep waters, creeks and small rivers. Also as all SV Fishing lures spoons has a wide selection of colors.

SV Fishing Lures Panic tech. specifications:

Weight: 3.7g

Length: 35mm

Hook: Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6





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