Yarie Ringo

Yarie Ringo is a Japanese spoon appreciated by lure anglers around the world. Highly successful when targeting trout and chub.


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Yarie Ringo

Yarie Ringo has very little lift as possible. But still providing regular performance. These feature make the Yarie spoon great for deeper areas with low or no flow. The wobble does not float to the surface, but moves in the water layer chosen by the fisherman. After casting it is recommended to wait for the lure to reach the bottom. Then a steady retrieve at a steady rate you can catch a trout.

Even reeling at a dead slow pace trout will bite. Furthermore the spoon is super successful when river angling or in areas with moderate currents. In addition places with slower currents, can be check against the current. Certain Ringo spoons have a Hololume paint. It is a mix of hologram and luminescent paint.

It shines with the unique properties of hologram and glows in dark places. It has good luminescent performance and emits green light. Works in various situations like night fishing, muddy water, deep waters. Hololume is the future of materials, but is available in the present. Made in Japan by the famous Japanese fisherman Yarie Jespa Yukihiro.


Tech. specifications

Weight: 2.1g, 3.0g


Fishing techniques using the Yarie Ringo

When angling in cold ponds, lakes the bottom layer of water gives the best environment and a very comfortable place for trout. Anglers increase bites at the bottom areas of the pond by implementing tactics such as bumping with pauses or fast twitching also with pauses. This works especially well with the Ringo. Since it works well with slow retrieves, this type of fishing is highly successful.

Colour code

3, 32, 34, BS2, BS3, BS6, BS7, C64, C67, DM04, E71, E72, E73, E74, E75, LT02, LT100, LT11, LT12, LT13, LT14, LT15, LT16, LT17, LT18, LT19, LT20, V1, V4, Y53, Y54, Y71, Y73, Y74, Y75, Y76, Y79, Y80, Y81, Y82, Y83, YRU001, YRU003, YRU005, YRU006, YRU007, YRU009, YRU011

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