Forest Pal 3.8g

Forest Pal 3.8g spoons are quite popular trout bait in Japan. It makes steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions. You may easily keep the swimming range by changing retreive speed and weight without changing actions. Comes with fine wire barbless single hook.


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Forest Pal 3.8g

Forest Pal 3.8g is an elongated spoon. It looks very simple. But do not think that it does not catch trout. All you need is a simple retrieve. The wobble is not fancy, but the trout cannot resist it. Well suited for both beginners and experienced trout anglers. The Japanese trout brand Forest brings the Pal spoon, it is a must have in any lure box !

The spoon has an elongated narrow shape. Best described as a hybrid between a teardrop and a pear shape. This makes the spoon suitable for most retrieve variations. It works best with a steady retrieve, when spoon jigging it adds an addition to wobble tactics. Compared to the Forest Miu the Pal has a more pronounced horizontal bend. Which makes it a bit more agile and the action high-frequency.

Due to the weight distribution its flight is stable and accurate. Depending on the model weight, it is suitable for still waters and medium strong flowing rivers. Due to the slightly bulbous shape, it creates a higher water resistance. This is reflected in the running behavior. Thus, the Forest Pal generates a high pressure under water for its shape.

The snap rings and the single hook are arranged so that the hook tip protrudes at a 90° angle to the blade. Thus maximizing the bite yield. The sharp and stable single hook is of course barbless (without barbs). Causing little to no damage to the fish. The lure is available in many different colors. From natural to bright, vivid colors everything is available. So you will find the right Pal for every situation!

The Pal series is extremely well suited for fishing for salmonids – of course also for chub, perch. Due to the success of the Forest Pal, the series has been expanded to include the Maziora, Kagerou and Limited models. These differ exclusively by their different color styles. Whether matte, glossy or in the “Glow” style, every taste will find their favorite Pal!


Forest Pal 3.8g tech. specifications

Weight: 3.8g



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