New Products #15. Forest iFish 50S, IMA Twig 60, IMA Sukari 63HS and others.

Forest iFish 50S


Forest iFish 50S is a high-quality fishing lure that is perfect for catching native trout in rapid rivers. This sinking lure has a relatively heavy weight of 5.0g. Also flat body that makes it ideal for tight wobble and rolling actions even in a rapid current. The lure is 50mm long and is available in a variety of colors.

Forest iFish 50S is a versatile lure that can be used by both novice and experienced anglers. It is designed to mimic the natural movements of small fish, making it an excellent choice for catching trout and other small fish species. The lure is made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Forest produce not just great trout spoons, but also excellent hard lures. In conclusion the minnow is compact and the realistic design make it an excellent choice for catching trout in rivers. Order your Forest iFish 50S today and start reeling in the big ones!

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Forest Front Lake 6.8g

Explore the depths with confidence using the FOREST FRONT LAKE, a revolutionary bait designed for unparalleled success in capturing the essence of lakes and natural streams.

FOREST FRONT LAKE 6.8g: Unleashing Nature’s Palette

For the avid angler seeking to amplify their fishing experience, the Front Lake is a must-have. Specifically tailored for lakes and natural streams, this spoon boasts a renewed hue that is not only more sensible but also visually captivating. The combination of green and pearl hues, along with a smelt color that excels in lake environments, ensures a versatile and effective bait for a variety of fishing scenarios.

Captivating Colors for Varied Conditions

The focus on bait colors suitable for river usage sets the Front Lake apart. Astringent or hazy black hues excel in certain conditions, making this lure a reliable choice. When faced with foggy weather, the fluorescent hue intensifies, providing a heightened visibility that outperforms light items like silver and gold.

Striking Design for Optimal Performance

The slender body type of the FOREST FRONT LAKE 6.8g spoon is engineered for maximum casting distance, allowing anglers to reach elusive spots with ease. But it’s not just about distance – a devious maneuver, achieved by modifying the retrieval speed from a wobbling-based movement, taps into the innate predatory instincts of native trout, ensuring a dynamic and successful fishing experience.

Elevate your angling journey with the FOREST FRONT LAKE – where cutting-edge design meets the artistry of nature, and each cast is a step closer to an unforgettable catch. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, this lure is your key to unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

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Forest Marshal 4.8g

Forest Marshal Trout Spoon – a pioneer in slender spoons with a legacy of exceptional castability and action. Loved for its enduring performance, this spoon is perfect for both seasoned anglers and beginners alike.

Designed with a slender silhouette, the Forest Marshal excels not only in area ponds, but also in lakes and mountain streams. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it an ideal choice for a variety of fishing environments.

Choose from a spectrum of colors tailored for diverse fields beyond the usual areas. Elevate your fishing game with the Forest Marshal, where tradition meets innovation for an unparalleled angling experience.

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IMA Twig 60


IMA Twig 60 is a slim minnow lure that is perfect for catching large mainstream trout. It has a slim silhouette that prevents it from being overlooked and a horizontal fall action that naturally appeals to large trout.

The lure is designed to be used by large trout in their growth process. The Twig 60 has a horizontal fall and rolling action by eliminating the center of gravity of the tail.

The color variation is not too conspicuous in the water. It is a sinking lure that weighs 6.5g and has an overall length of 60mm.The hook is ST-36BC #10 and the ring is #2. The main target is trout and it is recommended for use in mountain streams .

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IMA Sukari 63HS

IMA Sukari 63HS, a top-tier surface attack stream minnow designed to elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Engineered with precision and innovation, this minnow boasts a unique weight balance in a straightforward form.

Surface attack fishing reaches a whole new level with the IMA Sukari 63HS. Its design is a testament to simplicity meeting effectiveness, ensuring a seamless and precise casting experience. The distinctive weight balance enhances castability. Thus making it an ideal choice for anglers targeting large trout.

IMA Sukari 63HS showcases a body that glistens with every reeling action. The brilliance of this minnow is not just in its appearance but in its ability to attract fish without the need for unnecessary rod work. The streamlined design and unique weight balance ensure that every movement in the water is purposeful.

Unleash the power of the IMA Sukari 63HS as it delivers a surface attack that entices and captivates fish in a way that’s unparalleled.

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IMA Sukari 37S Deep

IMA Sukari 37SS Deep, a powerhouse in the world of deep minnows that takes your angling experience to new depths. This meticulously crafted lure, designed with precision and innovation.

The standout feature of the Sukari 37S Deep is its extremely small size that expertly crawls along the river bottom. Thus making it an ideal choice for navigating diverse terrains. The crank action of this minnow is unparalleled. ensuring superb use in mountain streams with its accurate, strong trajectory and outstanding water-biting performance.

One of the key advantages of the IMA Sukari 37S Deep lies in its superb balance, allowing it to cut through rapids effortlessly. This innovative design ensures a seamless fishing experience, providing anglers with the flexibility. Like hook regulations such as single hooks while maintaining optimal balance and performance.

This deep minnow has been meticulously scaled down to 37mm, striking the perfect balance for trout. Its small silhouette, reminiscent of crankbaits, appeals to anglers with a strong presence. Moreover promising a new action style that mimics the allure of nature.

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IMA Sukari 50SS Deep

Ima Sukari 50SS Deep is a powerhouse in the world of fishing lures. Designed for those seeking adventure in the depths, this lure boasts remarkable features that will leave you hooked:

  1. Long Bill, Deep-Crawling Design: Picture this: a lure that confidently explores the riverbed, inch by inch. The long bill of the Sukari 50SS Deep ensures it reaches those elusive spots where trout hide. It’s like having a skilled diver exploring the underwater world for you.
  2. Pinpoint Accuracy: Precision matters, especially when you’re aiming for that trophy catch. The Sukari 50SS Deep delivers bullseye accuracy. Cast it with confidence, knowing it’ll hit the mark every time.
  3. Panic Dance and Dart Action: Imagine a lure that dances and darts like a jittery trout. The Sukari 50SS Deep’s panic-inducing movements drive fish wild. It’s the aquatic equivalent of a disco dance floor – irresistible and captivating.
  4. Sink, Don’t Float: Forget the usual reel-and-dive routine. The Sukari 50SS Deep is all about sinking gracefully. Its diving lip and hefty weight ensure it stays submerged, enticing fish lurking in the depths. No more surface distractions – just pure underwater allure.
  5. Deep Pools and Currents: Whether you’re exploring deep pools or navigating swift currents, the Sukari 50SS Deep is your trusty companion. It defies currents, reaching the riverbed swiftly. Say goodbye to drift – this lure means business.
  6. Versatility: Not limited to mountain streams, the Ima Sukari 50SS Deep thrives in mainstream waters too. Take it wherever your fishing adventure leads – from serene mountain brooks to bustling river highways.

In summary, the Ima Sukari 50SS Deep is your ticket to underwater excitement. Get ready to reel in success, one dive at a time!

Available now !

Jackall Lill Bill 70F


Jackall Lill Bill 70F is a versatile and advanced lure that can be used in any field. It has a wide lip shape that produces high pitched action by just retrieving it.

Furthermore it can detect slight changes in water with an appropriate pulling feeling. The silhouette of Lill Bill 70F is based on the motif of a slim small fish which is the main bait for trout, asp, perch, pike. It has a diving depth of 1.2m (using fluorocarbon line 4lb) and 1.0m (using fluorocarbon line 8lb).

Moreover uses a magnetic center of gravity movement system to maintain a stable posture in the air. Also the minnow has succeeded in obtaining a lightweight yet relaxed flight distance. It has adopted a silhouette that imitates slender bait fish such as smelt, moroko, oikawa, and whitefish that inhabit all over the country. The perfect size to match any field.

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Jackall Spy Tail 70SS

Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a slow-sinking jerk bait designed to entice bites from wary bass, trout feeding on baitfish. The lure features a jointed body that offers a straight-line I-shape action on a slow retrieve. Moreover feathers and joint body of the tail move exquisitely just by stopping, creating an unprotected baitfish.

The Spy Tail 70SS is a new concept minnow that reproduces changes in action as the angler intended. Slow retrieve produces the I shape action. Fast retrieve produces the S shape action. And twitching will produce darting actions.

Also Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a small profile swimbait that works exceptionally well for fresh water species. The unique slalom style action of this lure is produced by the segmented body design. This lure is fitted with ultra sharp trebles with the rear hook featuring synthetic fibers to help in the action and appeal to predators.

The Spy Tail 70SS is 70mm long and weighs 4.3g. It is a slow sinking type lure with ST36BC #14 hooks. Furthermore lure is available in 13 different colors, each of which is designed to mimic the natural color of baitfish.

In conclusion Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a versatile lure that can be used in a variety of fishing situations.

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Jackall Cosaji 4.8g

Jackall Cosaji 4.8g – where innovation meets simplicity. Offering anglers of all levels a dynamic and effective fishing experience. The spoon crafted with precision and engineered for success. The Jackall Cosaji is the go-to spoon for those seeking versatility, ease of use, and optimal performance on the water.

Jackall Cosaji: Master the Art of Lure Movement

Designed with a shape featuring moderate pulling resistance, the Jackall Cosaji ensures a lifelike and captivating movement in the water. The body shape creates just the right amount of pulling resistance, allowing anglers to effortlessly convey the feeling of “moving the lure” by simply retrieving it – no complex operations required. It’s an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned anglers alike.

Snagless Single Hook with Tinsel: Unseen and Irresistible

The Jackall Cosaji goes beyond the ordinary with its snagless single hook adorned with tinsel. This innovative design obscures the existence of the hook, creating a visually enticing display. As the main body moves, the tinsel blinks, attracting the interest of a variety of fish. Worried about snags? Fear not – the hook point always faces upwards during action, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience.

Versatile Lineup for Every Angler

With three distinct types in its lineup, the Jackall Cosaji caters to your preferences, bait fish, target species, and tackle. This versatile range expands your fishing horizons, allowing you to target not only black bass but also a myriad of freshwater fish such as chub, perch, native trout, bream, bass.

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Jackall Abbey 55S

Jackall Abbey 55S although developed for rock fishing the size, weight is applicable to trout as well. Crafted with precision, this lure is designed to imitate small transparent bait fish.

The solid body of the Jackall Abbey 55S is a game-changer. Filled with resin and without air chambers, it mimics small bait fish. The reflective body is perfect to attract any fish to bite. The no-sinker rig design allows for a slow fall and retrieval, making it compatible with various actions.

The ingenious no-sinker rig inside the body ensures perfect balance, using the hook as a weight. With a specific gravity close to water, the Jackall Abbey 55S attacks slowly, creating a natural floating feeling just below the water surface. It’s like a lightweight jig head plus a softbait, taking advantage of the transparency of the body to lure in even the most discerning fish.

The versatility of this lure is unmatched. The eight clear colors in the lineup are meticulously chosen to enhance the transparency of the solid body, giving you an edge in any fishing condition.

Conquer with the Jackall Abbey 55S – where innovation meets precision in every cast. Elevate your game and experience the thrill of success with a lure designed to outshine the rest.

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Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56S, 56SP


ZipBaits Rigge Deep 56S is a highly effective deep running wobbler from the Rigge series. Weighing 4.5g and with a running depth of 1.0 – 1.4m and a length of 5.6cm. It’s an excellent choice as a twitch bait for perch and trout. Its patented Mag-Drive technology ensures long casts and unique running behavior that fish find irresistible.

The little minnow mimic on the Rigge Deep 56S is sure to draw frequent bites when used correctly in calm currents. Try employing it in the late evening, just before sunset, when prey fish like to congregate beneath the water’s surface, for even better results. Arrange the Rigge Deep 56S in the center of the action and, after a spinning halt, let it float up for a short while, adorned with one or two gentle strokes in the tip of the rod. The trout and perch won’t be able to resist and will quickly launch an attack!

The exceptional technology and distinctive design of the Rigge Deep 56S make it an indispensable addition to any angler’s tackle box. It’s ideal for capturing perch and trout in a range of situations because of its deep running ability and ability to mimic little minnows. This bait will produce the desired results whether you’re fishing in calm or choppy currents.

For even greater success, consider pairing the Rigge Deep 56S with other lures, such as the ZipBaits Khamsin Tiny for a complete fishing experience. With its proven track record and patented technology, the Rigge Deep 56S is a must-have for any angler looking to catch more fish.

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