IMA Sukari 63HS

IMA Sukari 63HS is a premium surface attack stream minnow. This minnow, which was cleverly and precisely built, has a distinct weight balance in a simple design.


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IMA Sukari 63HS

IMA Sukari 63HS, a top-tier surface attack stream minnow designed to elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Engineered with precision and innovation, this minnow boasts a unique weight balance in a straightforward form.

Surface attack fishing reaches a whole new level with the IMA Sukari 63HS. Its design is a testament to simplicity meeting effectiveness, ensuring a seamless and precise casting experience. The distinctive weight balance enhances castability. Thus making it an ideal choice for anglers targeting large trout.

IMA Sukari 63HS showcases a body that glistens with every reeling action. The brilliance of this minnow is not just in its appearance but in its ability to attract fish without the need for unnecessary rod work. The streamlined design and unique weight balance ensure that every movement in the water is purposeful.

Unleash the power of the IMA Sukari 63HS as it delivers a surface attack that entices and captivates fish in a way that’s unparalleled.

IMA Sukari 63HS tech. specs.

Weight: 8g

Length: 63mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook: ST-36BC #10



Lure type

Sinking (S)



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