Jackall Lill Bill 70F

A sophisticated and adaptable lure, Jackall Lill Bill 70F is suitable for usage in any kind of field. Just recovering it causes a high-pitched action due to its wide lip design.


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Jackall Lill Bill 70F

Jackall Lill Bill 70F is a versatile and advanced lure that can be used in any field. It has a wide lip shape that produces high pitched action by just retrieving it.

Furthermore it can detect slight changes in water with an appropriate pulling feeling. The silhouette of Lill Bill 70F is based on the motif of a slim small fish which is the main bait for trout, asp, perch, pike. It has a diving depth of 1.2m (using fluorocarbon line 4lb) and 1.0m (using fluorocarbon line 8lb).

Moreover uses a magnetic center of gravity movement system to maintain a stable posture in the air. Also the minnow has succeeded in obtaining a lightweight yet relaxed flight distance. It has adopted a silhouette that imitates slender bait fish such as smelt, moroko, oikawa, and whitefish that inhabit all over the country. The perfect size to match any field.


Jackall Lill Bill 70F tech. specs.

Weight: 4.0g

Length: 70mm

Lure type: Floating (F)



Lure type

Floating (F)



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