New Products #12. Major Craft Finetail Eden 45S/50S

Major Craft Finetail Eden 45S/50S


Major Craft Finetail Eden 45S/50S is a JDM trout minnow for fishing in creeks, streams, and rivers . Its body structure is flat. You can enjoy a variety of movements with its distinctive shape. Such as a swift flutter and a short, slow dart. The Major Craft Eden also exhibits a strong rear-down fluttering movement when falling. Allowing the moving water to be sliced through by this minnow lure.

A steady retrieve can be used to operate the Finetail Eden 45S/50S. Alternatively, you might move it quickly to cover more ground or try moving it in a twitching motion to focus on an aggressive bite. The Eden minnow is weighted for a low center of gravity. Consequently, a stable flight and greater casting range are made possible.

The Major Craft masters added gills and natural eyes to the design. The minnow will also awaken predatory instincts when paired with the fluoropolymer coating. The Eden 45S/50S is a must-have minnow lure that is made for both novice and experienced fisherman. Particularly while fishing for trout and other species in streams in mountains.

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