New Products #14. PALMS Subream

PALMS Subream


Palms Subream – Mitsutetsu Wada’s Ultimate Fly Angler Creation

Mitsutetsu Wada, a renowned fly angler, has brought the art of fishing to a new level with his innovative creation – the PALMS Subream. This insect-inspired lure mimics the adult form of the bearded grasshopper, perfectly replicating their swimming and gliding motions. But what sets this lure apart?

Designed for Precision: The PALMS Subream is ideal for precise fishing techniques. It’s highly effective when targeting downcrossing and sub-surface areas during beardtail hatches or spawning times when these aquatic insects are most active.

Unique Design: The lure features a floating posture and lip that remains horizontal to the water’s surface. This design ensures the lure securely grips the water, allowing it to swim just below the surface while maintaining a more controlled movement, rather than excessive body wiggles.

Hook Setup: The lure boasts a basic hook setting, typically with a single hook in the tail. This setup adheres to regulations like those of the Watarase River C&R, which require the use of a single barbless single hook. This not only respects the rules but also helps preserve fish populations.

Subtle yet Effective Action: The Subream offers a nearly motionless, straight swimming action. However, when you increase its speed, it produces a slight vibration that entices your prey. Combining the lure’s buoyancy with the water’s surface film adds an element of thrill to the experience.

Exciting Fishing Opportunities: While the bearded tarpon’s season may be short and unpredictable, using the PALMS Subream promises an exciting fishing adventure. Mitsutetsu Wada’s creation ensures you’re ready for the challenge, helping you deceive and catch your opponent with finesse.

In summary, the PALMS Subream is a game-changer in the world of fly angling. Its realistic design, precise swimming action, and compliance with fishing regulations make it a must-have for any angler looking to up their game during beardtail season. Get ready for an unforgettable fishing experience with this remarkable lure.


  1. High Buoyancy and Impressive Flying Distance The PALMS Subream maintains the silhouette of the bearded slug while achieving exceptional buoyancy. This design not only makes it look realistic but also reduces water landing noise, ensuring a quiet and stealthy approach. Its lightweight body, featuring low aerodynamic drag, enables you to cast with remarkable precision and reach long distances, even in the bustling main stream areas.
  2. Ultra-Small Lip for Secure Water Grip Instead of relying on wide body movements, the PALMS Subream utilizes an ultra-small lip that securely grips the water. This innovative design allows the lure to swim smoothly just below the water’s surface, even during down-crossing maneuvers. Additionally, the front eye provides flexibility to add hooks as needed, depending on your unique fishing situation.

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