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PALMS alexandra ax 43fs mg328
New Products #8. PALMS Alexandra AX 50FS/43FS, Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 55S

PALMS Alexandra AX 50FS/43FS   Palms Alexandra AX 50FS is a remake of the original of the fast sinking model. The original was release in 2004, but later discontinued. As...

Sunline Siglon PE X8
New Products #7. Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56F, Sunline Siglon PE X4, X8, ADV

Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56F   ZipBaits Rigge Deep 56F is a deep running wobbler from the Rigge series. Its weight is 3.1g and has 1.0m running depth. The lenght is...

zipbaits rigge 43sp
New Products #6. Zipbaits Rigge 43SP, Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S, Jackall Cherry 44F

Zipbaits Rigge 43SP   If there is one wobbler that could be called the best lure of all time and the best lure for anglers, it would undoubtedly be the...

New Products #5. Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback, SV Fishing Lures Kokekta 3g, Metal Twitch 3.3g

Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback   Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback series is substantially taller than that of traditional tiny minnows. The primary section is shaped to be as slim...

Zipbaits rigge flat 50s
New Products #4. Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S, Zipbaits Hickory SR

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S   Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S is a Rigge series sinking, laterally flattened lure. It is 50mm in length and weighs 5.3g. Fishing for perch, asp, and...

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S
New Products #3. Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S, Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR

Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR   Pontoon21 Cheerful 60SP SR is part of the Cheerful line, which dates back to the brand's inception. The Cheerful 60 is a lightweight lure. Pontoon21...

DUO Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S
New Products #2. DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S, Toto Fat 35S, Zipbaits Rigge 35SS, Pontoon21 AV Type A and B.

DUO Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S   DUO Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S is micro lure that punches well above its weight with its clever design and effectiveness. A classic...

PALMS Alexandra 50MDS
New Products #1. PALMS Alexandra, Thumb Shad

PALMS Alexandra 35HW, 50HW   Palms Alexandra the flat-sided twitchy minnow. These two aspects of the lure was a major impact on the design and concept. From start to finish...

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