IMA Sukari 37S Deep

The IMA Sukari 37S Deep is a formidable deep minnow that will elevate your fishing game to unprecedented levels. This cleverly created bait was created with great care and creativity.


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IMA Sukari 37S Deep

IMA Sukari 37SS Deep, a powerhouse in the world of deep minnows that takes your angling experience to new depths. This meticulously crafted lure, designed with precision and innovation.

The standout feature of the Sukari 37S Deep is its extremely small size that expertly crawls along the river bottom. Thus making it an ideal choice for navigating diverse terrains. The crank action of this minnow is unparalleled. ensuring superb use in mountain streams with its accurate, strong trajectory and outstanding water-biting performance.

One of the key advantages of the IMA Sukari 37S Deep lies in its superb balance, allowing it to cut through rapids effortlessly. This innovative design ensures a seamless fishing experience, providing anglers with the flexibility. Like hook regulations such as single hooks while maintaining optimal balance and performance.

This deep minnow has been meticulously scaled down to 37mm, striking the perfect balance for trout. Its small silhouette, reminiscent of crankbaits, appeals to anglers with a strong presence. Moreover promising a new action style that mimics the allure of nature.

IMA Sukari 37S Deep tech. specs.

Weight: 3g

Length: 37mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook: ST-36BC #14



Lure type

Sinking (S)



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