New Products #13. Bassday Mononofu 45S/50S/64S

Bassday Mononofu 45S/50S/64S


Bassday Mononofu, a fishing lure that excels in essential performance aspects like “swimming with precision” and “excellent flight.” Bassday has created a new mountain stream minnow with a strong emphasis on its beautiful design. When you hold this lure, it evokes the feeling of a handmade creation, satisfying the desire for visually appealing gear and fulfilling the cravings of anglers.

As manufacturers and passionate fishermen, Bassday yearns to fish with a lure like this. Their goal is to create unforgettable memories by capturing stunning and magnificent fish. They aspire to design a lure that fulfills these desires and brings joy to anglers who appreciate the aesthetics of fishing.

With these sentiments in mind, they proudly present the Mononofu series, a line of lures inspired by purity, nobility, and valor, reminiscent of a Samurai.

The Mononofu is available in various sizes, including the 45S, 64S, 50S which serves as the standard-sized lure for mountain streams and is ideal for casting. After casting, it exhibits a horizontal fall posture that effectively attracts fish and enables remarkably fast swimming action. One of its notable advantages is the ability to entice fish quickly after casting, followed by immediate swimming.

Furthermore, the Mononofu features a slightly larger lip that enhances swimming performance, allowing subtle twitches to result in shorter movement distances. When paused, the lure maintains its position without sinking immediately, captivating fish as it gradually descends. The lip size also contributes to enhanced maneuverability, while its action remains incredibly natural, making it user-friendly for fishing in deeper waters.

In summary, the Bassday Mononofu is a fishing lure that combines performance, beauty, and functionality. Its visually appealing design, fast swimming action, and versatile maneuverability make it an invaluable addition to any angler’s tackle box. Experience the joy of fishing with the Mononofu and elevate your fishing adventures to new heights.

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