Jackall Spy Tail 70SS

Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is intended to lure in bites from cautious bass and trout. On a slow retrieve, the lure’s jointed body provides a straight-line I-shape motion. Additionally, the tail’s feathers and joint structure move beautifully even when stopped, leaving the baitfish vulnerable.


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Jackall Spy Tail 70SS

Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a slow-sinking jerk bait designed to entice bites from wary bass, trout feeding on baitfish. The lure features a jointed body that offers a straight-line I-shape action on a slow retrieve. Moreover feathers and joint body of the tail move exquisitely just by stopping, creating an unprotected baitfish.

The Spy Tail 70SS is a new concept minnow that reproduces changes in action as the angler intended. Slow retrieve produces the I shape action. Fast retrieve produces the S shape action. And twitching will produce darting actions.

Also Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a small profile swimbait that works exceptionally well for fresh water species. The unique slalom style action of this lure is produced by the segmented body design. This lure is fitted with ultra sharp trebles with the rear hook featuring synthetic fibers to help in the action and appeal to predators.

The Spy Tail 70SS is 70mm long and weighs 4.3g. It is a slow sinking type lure with ST36BC #14 hooks. Furthermore lure is available in 13 different colors, each of which is designed to mimic the natural color of baitfish.

In conclusion Jackall Spy Tail 70SS is a versatile lure that can be used in a variety of fishing situations.

Jackall Spy Tail 70SS tech. specs.

Weight: 4.3g

Length: 70mm

Lure type: Slow Sinking (SS)



Lure type

Slow Sinking (SS)



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