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IMA Twig 60

For huge mainline trout, the IMA Twig 60 slim minnow bait is ideal. Its narrow profile keeps it from being missed, and the way it falls is horizontal, which attracts big trout by nature.

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IMA Twig 60

IMA Twig 60 is a slim minnow lure that is perfect for catching large mainstream trout. It has a slim silhouette that prevents it from being overlooked and a horizontal fall action that naturally appeals to large trout.

The lure is designed to be used by large trout in their growth process. The Twig 60 has a horizontal fall and rolling action by eliminating the center of gravity of the tail.

The color variation is not too conspicuous in the water. It is a sinking lure that weighs 6.5g and has an overall length of 60mm.The hook is ST-36BC #10 and the ring is #2. The main target is trout and it is recommended for use in mountain streams .

IMA Twig 60 tech. specs.:

Length: 60mm

Weight: 6.5g

Hook: ST-36BC #10

Ring: #2

Colour code

003 Olive, 005 Pearl Yamame, 008 Titanium Black Red Belly, 009 Peacock, 010 Smoke Pearl Chart





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