Jackall Cosaji 4.8g

Where simplicity and creativity meet is with Jackall Cosaji 4.8g. delivering a productive and dynamic fishing experience to players of all skill levels. The spoon was successfully engineered and meticulously made.


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Jackall Cosaji 4.8g

Jackall Cosaji 4.8g – where innovation meets simplicity. Offering anglers of all levels a dynamic and effective fishing experience. The spoon crafted with precision and engineered for success. The Jackall Cosaji is the go-to spoon for those seeking versatility, ease of use, and optimal performance on the water.

Jackall Cosaji: Master the Art of Lure Movement

Designed with a shape featuring moderate pulling resistance, the Jackall Cosaji ensures a lifelike and captivating movement in the water. The body shape creates just the right amount of pulling resistance, allowing anglers to effortlessly convey the feeling of “moving the lure” by simply retrieving it – no complex operations required. It’s an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned anglers alike.

Snagless Single Hook with Tinsel: Unseen and Irresistible

The Jackall Cosaji goes beyond the ordinary with its snagless single hook adorned with tinsel. This innovative design obscures the existence of the hook, creating a visually enticing display. As the main body moves, the tinsel blinks, attracting the interest of a variety of fish. Worried about snags? Fear not – the hook point always faces upwards during action, ensuring a hassle-free fishing experience.

Versatile Lineup for Every Angler

With three distinct types in its lineup, the Jackall Cosaji caters to your preferences, bait fish, target species, and tackle. This versatile range expands your fishing horizons, allowing you to target not only black bass but also a myriad of freshwater fish such as chub, perch, native trout, bream, bass.

Jackall Cosaji 4.8g tech. specs.

Weight: 4.8g

Length: 48mm

Hook: Origin S-59BC #4






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