Forest Front Lake 4g

Forest Front Lake 4g is an essential spoon for any serious angler looking to enhance their fishing experience. Designed especially for lakes and natural streams, this spoon has a refreshed color that is both aesthetically pleasing and in tune with nature.


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Forest Front Lake 4g

Explore the depths with confidence using the FOREST FRONT LAKE, a revolutionary bait designed for unparalleled success in capturing the essence of lakes and natural streams.

FOREST FRONT LAKE 4g: Unleashing Nature’s Palette

For the avid angler seeking to amplify their fishing experience, the Front Lake is a must-have. Specifically tailored for lakes and natural streams, this spoon boasts a renewed hue that is not only more sensible but also visually captivating. The combination of green and pearl hues, along with a smelt color that excels in lake environments, ensures a versatile and effective bait for a variety of fishing scenarios.

Captivating Colors for Varied Conditions

The focus on bait colors suitable for river usage sets the Front Lake apart. Astringent or hazy black hues excel in certain conditions, making this lure a reliable choice. When faced with foggy weather, the fluorescent hue intensifies, providing a heightened visibility that outperforms light items like silver and gold.

Striking Design for Optimal Performance

The slender body type of the FOREST FRONT LAKE 4g spoon is engineered for maximum casting distance, allowing anglers to reach elusive spots with ease. But it’s not just about distance – a devious maneuver, achieved by modifying the retrieval speed from a wobbling-based movement, taps into the innate predatory instincts of native trout, ensuring a dynamic and successful fishing experience.

Elevate your angling journey with the FOREST FRONT LAKE – where cutting-edge design meets the artistry of nature, and each cast is a step closer to an unforgettable catch. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, this lure is your key to unlocking the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

Forest Front Lake 4g Deep tech. specs.

Weight: 4g

Length: 48mm






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