Yarie Pirica More

Yarie Pirica More is a Japanese lure. Designed to catch trout in still and running water. Is effective retrieving slow or fast. The design slows down the movements  when the lure is sinking. Effectively handles currents making it extremely suitable for fishing rivers while leading it upstream.


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Yarie Pirica More

The Pirica More  is a small, lightweight spoon which works effectively on a slow retrieve. Designed to provide jiggly and smooth fall and to effectively deal with the flow of water against a spoon. It works well when casting it down or down-cross in streams or rivers. PIRICA, which is recognized for its stable swim. It enables anglers to take control of actions of a lure the way they want so that they can entice a bite at the target moment. Pirica is stable while in movеment, allowing fishermen to control the retrieve so that they can provoke an attack from fish in all conditions. The spoon is very successful when angling for trout and chub.


Yarie Pirica More tech. specifications

Weight: 1.8g, 2.2g, 2.6g