SV Fishing Lures Koketka 3g

Koketka is based on a classic spoon design, which makes it the most versatile pike lure available on the market. It is easy to cast and animate at even the lowest reel-in speeds.


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SV Fishing Lures Koketka 3g

SV Fishing Lures Koketka 3g is based on a classic spoon design. As a result, it’s the most versatile pike lure on the market. Even at the slowest reel-in speeds, casting and animating is simple. This SV Fishing Lures spoon is also good for perch, trout, asp, chub, and ide, in addition to pike.

Non-predatory species such as roach, sabrefish, bream, and white bream can be caught using the 3g Koketka. It’s also an extremely efficient trout lure: the unusual wriggling and variety of colors will entice even the most apathetic trout to attack.

Koketka spoons have become a popular choice for angling in all types of situations. In both rapid and slow presentations, its rhythmical sweeping game maintains stability. Furthermore, the SV spoon can be used at a variety of depths in both still water and streams.
When angling for pike in plant-filled still water, Lure’s single hook is a huge benefit. It passes through thin water lilies with ease, allowing for easy hooking and holding of fish. The spoon begins at the slowest pace and can work at a variety of depths. In each situation, it continues to entice fish.

SV Fishing Lures Koketka 3g tech. specifications:

Weight: 3g

Length: 30mm

Hook: Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6





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