SV Fishing Lures Glisser 2.5g

The Glisser from SV Fishing Lures is a multi-purpose spoon. It can be retrieved from the water’s surface or sunk and shown from below. All of these presentations can be done at a slower pace! At regular presentation speed, you can manipulate the spoon at the subsurface water.


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SV Fishing Lures Glisser

SV Fishing Lures Glisser is an all purpose spoon. Possible to retrieve on the waters surface or it can be sank down and presented underneath. All these presentations are possible at slower speeds! You can control the SV spoon at the subsurface at normal presentation speed.

Furthermore such behavior achieves brilliant results when catching asp, schooling perch or trout. Also, it is a great lure for pike in in shallow depths. 20 cm of clear water is enough to present the spoon among vegetation. Plus the single hook does not snag and passes through the vegetation. A spoon great for finesse fishing. Ultralight rods, thin lines, small sized reels bring the Glisser alive making it even more attractive to fish.

It saves the spoon from leaves and stems, which means it can be more attractive to fish. Since the center of gravity is displaced closer to the tail casting long distances is a breeze. Apart from asp, perch, pike, trout Glisser is hard to resist by chub. All in all the presence of an all purpose SV spoon in your tackle box will allow to better adapt to any conditions.

SV Fishing Lures Glisser tech. specifications:

Weight: 2.5g

Length: 30mm

Hook: Single Vanfook SP-41MB #8





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