ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olien

Antem Olien spoon has the appearance of being both slim and hefty. Some rivers are shallow, deep, swiftly flowing, or calmly flowing. That’s when the Olien spoon enters the picture. The silver side of the (S) models is visible. The gold side of the (G) models is visible.


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ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olien 4g

Antem Olien has a characteristic of being slender and thick. Trout fishing has many conditions. Some rivers can be shallow, deep, fast flowing or calm. That is when the Antem Olien comes into play. It reaches areas that others spoons cannot. Monopolize rivers or ponds where others cannot cast too. The figure eight wobble imitates life attracts various fish.

The shape of the Olien has a vague S shape. Creating a unique fast paced movement, similar to a panicking minnow in the current.

(S) models have a silver side. (G) models have a gold side.

ANTEM (Angler’z System) Olien Tech. specifications

Weight: 4g


2.5g, 4g

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