Nories Masukurouto

Norio Tanabe, a professional angler, oversaw the creation of Nories Masukurouto. Expert trout fishermen put it to the test in trout fishing ponds. Its most distinguishing characteristic is the center flat design. This unique design distributes water friction across the whole lure surface during retrieval.


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Nories Masukurouto

Nories Masukurouto has been designed under the supervision of pro angler Norio Tanabe. Tested by expert trout fishermen at trout fishing ponds. Its main feature is the unique center flat design. This special form spreads the water friction during retrieve over the entire lure surface.

Thus on dead slow or quick retrieves, down deep or shallow, the spoon remains stable and flat with a quick sharp wobbling action. Due to its stability the angler can apply rod work to the lure to create irregular movement. Which helps to incite bites. Can be used from shallow to deep ranges.

The spoon has a Chirari paint system. With irregular colors on the reverse of the spoon to visually stimulate trout in biting the lure. Moreover the balanced shape and weight make long casts easy. Furtermore pinpoint accuracy is easy even in oncoming wind. The 3.7g. design is for ultra long casts.

The 1.7g model is small yet thick to allow for long casts and deep consistent retrieves. Nories Masukurouto stands up to tough tournament conditions and brings on the fish faster. A large color line-up eases color rotation and therefore increases bites.


Nories Masukurouto tech. specifications

Weight: 2g, 2.9g, 3.7g

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