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Forest Miu 2.8g

Forest Miu has been one of the most popular spoons on the market in Japan for years. Crafted with artisan like quality also the colors are unique and vivid. Another reason for its popularity is the simplicity of its use.


Forest Pal 2.5g

In Japan, Forest Pal 2.5g spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. By modifying retrieve speed and weight without changing motions, you may simply maintain the swimming range. Comes with a single fine wire barbless hook.


Forest Pal 3.8g

Forest Pal 3.8g spoons are quite popular trout bait in Japan. It makes steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions. You may easily keep the swimming range by changing retreive speed and weight without changing actions. Comes with fine wire barbless single hook.


God Hands Jriya 2.2g

God Hands Jriya is the most comprehensive trout spoon among God Hands’ offerings. It is feasible to cast a long distance thanks to the weight transferred towards the head of the bait. It’s 24mm long and comes in a variety of colors (3D, UV, special, inverted “bump” and classic). Slow retrieves or mild twitches perform well with this bait. A single barbless hook is included. Made by hand in Japan.


SV Fishing Lures Koketka 2.6g

The SV Koketka lure is based on a traditional spoon design, making it one of the most versatile pike spoons on the market. Casting and animating are straightforward even at the slowest reel-in speeds.


SV Fishing Lures Koketka 2g

The Koketka is built on a classic spoon design, making it the most versatile pike lure available. Even at the slowest reel-in speeds, casting and animating is simple.


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