Forest Rondo Spinner

Forest Rondo Spinner works in strong currents, making them ideal for larger stream trout. The spinners, like other Forest lures, are of exceptional quality.


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Forest Rondo Spinner

Forest Rondo is a classic spinner that has a retro look to it. As all forest lures it is inspired by nature and adapted to the conditions in flowing waters. Built with a classic spinner structure. As all Forest lures the spinners exhibits excellent quality. An axle runs a spinner blade. It has limited play thanks to two balls. Then a bullet shaped piece that is there for weight and balance. At the end the hook.

The shape of the spinner blade works through currents in a stable manner. It needs minimal drag to rotate. Thus slowing down the retrieve for when the fish are lazy is possible. The blade that creates smooth rotation and outstanding appeal brings brings in predators from a far. A trump card to overcome tough conditions in both the field and in area ponds! Weighing 3g. it is easy to cast to potential areas. Of course an ultralight rod is recommended for such weight lures.

Depending on the current and location the Rondo is suitable for work along a current and against it. Forest Rondo Spinner are stable in strong currents, perfect for larger stream trout. Of course when dragging against the current the resistance on the rod is much higher. The colors can be in a shiny finish or matte, so anglers can choose for their conditions.


Forest Rondo tech. specifications

Weight: 3g, 5g

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